Thursday, November 1, 2012

Candy Season is here!

Congratulations, candy season is upon us!
Everywhere you turn for the next few months, there will be an upcoming holiday that includes candy.
What's a mom to do?

Think ahead...... don't arrive at the candy palace starving!
Plan ahead....... "Honey, we'll be having your favorite dinner when we get home"
Take the time to teach about choices....... Talk with your children (and perhaps yourself) about what their favorite candies are..
Provide healthy choices.....yes there are lots of ways to make healthy foods cute and desirable if you take a little while to look!

So, as Mom Says eat your veggies, she can also have fun with her children and take advantage of the teachable moments to share how to make the best choices, how to share from the candy bounty, as well as learning to listen to your body to know how it responds to too much candy!

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