Thursday, April 18, 2013

Growing veggies

One of the best ways I've found to get my children involved in eating their veggies is to have them help in the garden!  Yes, we live in the country, yes we have a garden spot, but even with a nice sized pot, you can grow something!

I've been experimenting with "Winter Sowing" which is getting seeds started in a milk jug with some potting soil in it.  The jug is cut 3/4 the way around, filled with dirt and seeds &  taped back together.  Just set them outside after watering and wait!  I transplanted the lettuce and oh, we could have had a little salad from the plants! My daughter has a pot of onion bulbs growing.  We saw the celery experiment on Pinterest & tried it, the celery is growing and I am moving it to my, so that it will have great nutrition all season.

I love when little seeds start to pop up in the garden or in a pot!  I am learning to encourage sampling at different phases... I love small collards, while I detested turnip greens in my childhood!