Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Very Veggie Chili

Here we are, stranded by snow in the south.

Thankfully, I tend to keep pretty well stocked up on groceries and such & had gone out Saturday for toilet tissue, paper towel, milk & bread :) I had to laugh when my newly married son was EXCITED about stocking up on meat on sale to FREEZE (he used to make fun of my freezing habit)

Anyway, day 1 of the snowbound found us making a big pot of pinto beans which were good as burritos as lunch (start clearing out the fresh stuff). Supper followed with whole wheat pizza, one supreme with lots of veggies and an assortment of cheeses... pepper jack is amazingly interesting on supreme pizza!

Day 2 was chili day! As I was looking in the cavern of the freezing unit, I spotted 4 frozen tomatoes, that got me started! I then braved the crispers in the fridge, where some veggies have been known to have untimely deaths... I rescued some sad celery and 3 squash that lived a remarkably long time.. Thankfully the trusty Vitamixer was up to the challenge! First I blended the tomatoes with a can of canned ones, then I started adding the cut up veggies... only ONE child found a few squash seeds and I just let him wonder what he ate! So, if you are snowbound (or not) and have a variety of things hiding in your crisper, get creative & use it up!

Tomorrow, I will see what's left of the chili and turn it into a mexican casserole of some type! Yum!